Personal safety on a night out

Personal safety on a night out
Snr Sgt Alex OToole

With the warmer weather upon us (finally) there has been a marked increase in night-time activity along Southbank and Crown Promenades. The activity levels are regularly exceeding pre-COVID levels with a spike in activity on Saturdays. 

Are you planning a night out in Southbank with friends? Here are key safety tips to remain safe when out and about enjoying yourselves:

  • Plan your night
  • Drink safely and within your limits
  • Take care of your friends

Plan your night: 

  • Charge your phone and take a portable power bank with you.
  • Take your ID.
  • Leave valuables at home or at your accommodation.
  • Plan your transport to and from the venue or nominate a designated sober driver.
  • Write down your friends’ phone numbers, in case you lose your phone.
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you will be home. Tell them if your plans change.

Drink alcohol safely: 

  • Eat before you go out. Eat while you are drinking.
  • Drink within your limits. Space out alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Never mix alcohol and drugs.
  • Never drink alcohol and drive. Do not get into a car driven by somebody who has been drinking alcohol.
  • Never accept a drink you haven’t seen the bar staff pour.
  • Don’t leave drinks unattended and keep an eye on your drinks. Remember: even soft drinks can be spiked. 

Take care of your friends: 

  • Walk away from conflict or dangerous situations. Take your friends with you. Do not retaliate or allow yourself to be provoked.
  • Stay with your friends. Do not get isolated.
  • Do not leave friends alone with somebody they’ve just met.
  • Recognise when a friend has had too much alcohol to drink and encourage them to slow down.
  • Never leave a drunk person alone. Seek help from venue staff or sober friends if you are worried about someone.
  • If someone passes out, hits their head, or gets punched, call for an ambulance on Triple Zero (000)

If you feel unsafe, what should you do? 

  • Protective Services Officers (PSOs) and Police Officers are on platforms and trains until the last train.
  • You can notify police of unwanted sexual and anti-social behaviour on public transport by texting “STOPIT” to 0499 455 455.
  • If you need immediate police attendance, call Triple Zero (000).
  • If you are travelling home by yourself, ring a trusted person and talk to them until you are safely home.


Southbank Police hope everyone and their friends enjoy everything Southbank has to offer safely. •

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