A small yet terrific trio!

Local student and resident Will lives with his family in their Southbank apartment, along with the tiny duo of Lulu and Alfie. Will told Southbank News that the family had owned Lulu for 16 years and sausage dog Alfie for seven, and that he enjoyed taking them for a walk four times a day along Southbank Promenade! “Because they are small dogs they tend to sleep most of the day, but they do enjoy these walks in the grass strips along the river,” he said. “Alfie comes across as stand-offish and not good with other dogs or people in general. He’s a bit antisocial and keeps to himself.” “Lulu is sweet, very timid and soft ... a lot nicer! We got Lulu from the Mornington Peninsula.” “But my sister particularly wanted a sausage dog, Alfie, so we went on a three-hour drive from Melbourne to a big paddock in country Victoria, where they breed just sausage dogs; and we picked Alfie out of the 40 there. It was a sight to behold!” •

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