New Money in Southbank

New Money in Southbank

After Francesco and his girlfriend Josephine moved into Southbank, it wasn’t long before they started to miss having a dog.

Having always had animals growing up, their new apartment didn’t feel complete without a furry friend to greet them when they got home.

After a few months of fantasising, the pair decided to take the leap and get their now five-month-old German Shepard, Money.

“One day when we were eating we decided to see if there were any German Shepherds in Melbourne and we saw an ad for Money and her eight brothers,” Josephine said.

“At the beginning we decided to go and see her in Craigieburn just for curiosity’s sake, but as soon as we met her we fell in love and brought her home right away.”

Deciding to name her Money to poke fun at how expensive it is to own a dog, the three have been inseparable ever since.

Josephine said that Money is so co-dependent that she couldn’t stand being tied up outside when the pair went for a coffee.

“She’s very possessive and doesn’t like when we’re not here so she always cried and cries whenever we tie her up outside when we go into a store,” Josephine said.

“When we come home from work and whines and barks with joy.”

Although the pair love living in Southbank, they say more could be done to increase the green space so that pets have space to run around.

“A bigger off-leash area in Southbank would be great because there’s a lot of dogs living here who would be so happy to have a park to run around in and make new friends,” Francesco said •

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