The pride of Southbank

The pride of Southbank

Local South African mastiff Simba may not be the pride of Africa, but to other dogs at Boyd Park, he’s a mighty king!

Two-year-old Simba is a commanding presence at Boyd Park, but according to his owner Kayne Clarke, he is as gentle and loving as he is protective.

“He loves kids and people, and especially likes chicken,” Kayne laughed.

“He doesn’t like huskies for some reason though …” “Everyone loves him in our apartment because he’s so friendly and loveable.”

Simba is a Boerdel, otherwise known as a “South African mastiff” – a breed from South Africa which typically weighs between 60 and 80 kilos and measures up to around 70cm tall.

While Simba doesn’t look like your average apartment dog, Kayne – a professional boxer – said the pair was very active and loved getting out and walking around Southbank as much as possible.

“It’s okay to have this kind of dog if you’re an active person because he needs a lot of exercise and walking,” Kayne said.

“As a professional boxer I’ve got a good companion to run with and train with.”

“He loves the botanical gardens as he gets to see and meet a lot of other dogs. He also loves the beach and golf courses. Any big open spaces really.”

“Southbank is a great dog-friendly place to live. It’s great.” •

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