Meet Maltese Miso!

Meet Maltese Miso!

Glenn McConnell and his two-year-old companion Miso love living in Southbank.

Despite having a house in Bentleigh, Mr McConnell has rented it out in order to take up the Southbank lifestyle, which he said his purebred Maltese Miso had very much taken to.

“It’s [Southbank’s] a great place to be with a dog,” Mr McConnell said.

“Miso is okay in apartments but he does bark quite a lot. It’s fantastic along the river here playing, throwing the tennis ball and getting him to fetch along the river.”

Like so many others who’ve taken up dog ownership during COVID-19, Mr McConnell told Southbank News that Miso was a “pandemic dog”.

Having endured a tough year losing his mother to cancer in New Zealand during lockdowns, which meant he was unable to travel to be with her, Mr Connell said his wife had purchased Miso for him as a present.

And while the pandemic and personal tragedy has no doubt strengthened their bond through lockdowns, he said Miso did get a little bit of separation anxiety when he left the house or went to work.

“The main thing is cute, white and fluffy dogs are really fun and cute!” •  

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