Suburban dogs turned city

Jenny Gigacz moved to Southbank from Narre Warren with her family eight years ago, and fluffy friends Maddy and Harvey came too.

Ms Gigacz bought the pair from a pet store in Croydon 13 years ago and has owned them their whole lives.

She said the duo had adapted very well to living in an apartment.

“We were on an acre of land before,” Ms Gigacz said.

“It’s a huge difference, but they’re very well adapted and they don’t have any issues.”

She said she walked them along Southbank and around the Royal Botanical Gardens and Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

“Every day I try to take them out for at least one long walk, but otherwise they come out every few hours,” she said.

“We’ve got kids at uni so there’s usually someone around to bring them out.”

She said the duo attract a lot of attention walking around Southbank.

“They love it, they love the attention they get,” she said.

“Often a lot of people with kids come up and talk to me so there’s a lot more interaction with people than there would have been.”

But she said the two had very different personalities.

She said Harvey was very friendly and a lot more easy going than Maddy.

“She is a lot more neurotic and she’ll bark at other dogs, and drives me mad from that point of view,” she said.

She also said that although they got them together and they are the same age, the two are not related.

But despite their differences, Ms Gigacz said the duo seem to be enjoying their city life and all the attention that comes with it.

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