Enter the “Shiba Zone”

Hero is an energetic Shiba Inu with a distinct black and tan coat.

However his attention spans from highly alert to forgetting his name the next minute.

His hobbies include eating, sleeping and taking walks in that particular order.

Hero could be found sneakily lounging near his snack area where his parents would oftentimes catch him with his head buried deep in a bag of treats.

Hero’s “dad”, Dan said Hero performed the “Shiba 500” when excited – a common trait among the breed – involving Shiba running at full speed, victory lap style.

“He would sprint around the apartment and leap on couches, it takes a little while for him to calm down,” Dan said.

“It happens randomly, sometimes even after a long walk.”

When walking Hero, both his parents rarely put him off-leash, as Hero had a history of wandering off by himself.

“Our boy loves daydreaming. It’s adorable but a pain at the same time,” Hero’s “mum” Brenda said.

“When this happens, we have to speak in a commanding tone to snap him out of the Shiba Zone.”

While his “parents” were describing him, Hero’s eyes seemed to be trying to say “Surely they must be talking about another dog …” To catch more of Hero’s goofiness online, you can find him on Instagram with the handle @herotheshibey.

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