Spoiling princess Chloe

Tracey and her husband were juggling two young children when Southbank News met them at Walter Reserve in July. Despite the gloomy, cold weather and light rain, seven-year-old Maltese Chloe was clearly enjoying being taken for her daily walk as they ran around the trees. “You can tell how much we love her considering we’re walking her in the rain with the kids,” Tracey said. Chloe often gets taken for walks around Montague, although the spoilt pup also enjoys a lie-in at home. “She’s more human than dog-like. She sleeps with her body under the sheets in our bed like a human,” Tracey said. Apparently, Chloe’s palate is human-like too, and she won’t accept meals that aren’t prepared to her tastes. “If bacon’s too crispy she won’t eat it. She’s a bit of a princess.” •  

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