Police presence rides out of town

Police presence rides out of town

*This article was published 10 years ago

The expansion of the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) campus also signals the end of the small permanent police presence Southbank had, as it encompasses the takeover of the Police Stables.

The stables are all that remains of a police presence in our area and dates back to 1912. Victoria Police has relocated its stables to a facility in Attwood. Some of the $42.5 million being spent on the VCA project will contribute towards the relocation of the facility.

A Victoria Police spokesperson said the police were looking into options to return the horses to a CBD location.

“We are currently assessing suitable sites for a staging post in the Melbourne CBD,” the spokesperson explained.

“We are working with Arts Victoria to identify an appropriate way in which to reflect the legacy and significance of the site to Victoria Police.”

For its part, the VCA has stated it is very keen to preserve the police history of the stable building it inherits.

“We’re determined to ensure the police presence here won’t be forgotten. That’s what’s good about the arts, we’re great at adapting,” VCA’s Professor Barry Conyngham said.

“We don’t need to knock buildings down and build new ones. Where there are sturdy buildings in place, we’re more than happy to adjust and renovate.” •

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