Power Melbourne consultation open

Power Melbourne consultation open

The City of Melbourne is calling on feedback from the local community on potential locations for community batteries in its ambition to transition Melbourne to 100 per cent renewable energy.

The council has launched a Participate Melbourne, where locals can jump online to have their say by taking a survey or attending an information session, with consultation closing on October 31.

As already announced in partnership with the federal government in Southbank, the council’s Power Melbourne project seeks to install a network of neighbourhood batteries around the city.

The batteries will be linked to a retail electricity plan to help renters, people living in apartments, and those running small businesses access more affordable renewable electricity.

“We’d like to know what you think about neighbourhood batteries and when the time comes, how we can make it easy to switch your energy bills to a Power Melbourne plan,” the council’s Participate Melbourne site said. •

To have your say:

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