Preps celebrate 100 days of school

Preps celebrate 100 days of school
Brendan Rees

Preps at South Melbourne Primary School have celebrated 100 days of schooling with a hive of activity.

The milestone event on August 1 saw students gather for a grand party at “Prep Land” which was filled with excitement, laughter, and a sense of accomplishment.

Students joined their parents in a “joyous journey” of counting from zero to 100 as they reached level five of the prep building – where the festivities continued of families and teachers watching a video created by staff creatively counting to 100.     

The staff video has become a cherished tradition at the school, where the school community celebrates 100 days of learning and growth. 

Other activities included making beautiful necklaces adorned with 100 pieces of pasta and crafting crowns embellished with 100 stars.

“We are absolutely thrilled by the remarkable progress of our youngest learners,” Grade Prep team leader Makayla Bulte said.

“They have blossomed into confident readers, writers, and mathematicians, and their growth is truly inspiring.”

“As we look back on these 100 Days of Prep, we cannot help but be amazed at the growth, potential, and enthusiasm displayed by our young learners. We eagerly anticipate the continued journey of learning and exploration that lies ahead.” •


Caption: Preps an exciting day of 100 days of schooling. Photos: South Melbourne Primary School.

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