Preps celebrate first day at South Melbourne Primary School

Preps celebrate first day at South Melbourne Primary School
Brendan Rees

There was a mix of excitement and nervousness as little Preps embarked on their first day of education at South Melbourne Primary School.

But as the day unfolded, they settled in and got straight into their new learning environment for 2024, the school’s curriculum and learning leader Maddy Morrison said.

Activities included participating in a treasure hunt where they walked around to find different locations such as play spaces, bathrooms, and more.

They also learnt their first sentence, “I go to school”, by tracing it and then cutting and pasting the words in order.

More fun included drawing pictures of themselves on the first day of school and colouring in crowns to wear home to celebrate their first day.

“Families were eager to see their child start their school journey. There were mixed feelings included excitement and nerves,” Ms Morrison said.

“Families loved seeing the class spaces in the morning. By the end of the day, the kids were exhausted!” •


Caption: Preps settle into their new schooling environment. Photos: Hanna Komissarova.

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