Protect your number plates

Protect your number plates

By Acting Senior Sergeant Damien Higgins - southbank Police Station

We’ve recently seen an increase in thefts around Southbank, both from motor vehicles and storage cages, most commonly around our multi-level car parks.

We’ve seen laptops, sunglasses, clothing, bikes, sporting equipment and wallets stolen.

While some cars and locks have been damaged, it appears most of these thefts have been opportunistic.

Many of the victims have left cars and storage cages unlocked.

To assist police in returning located stolen property, it’s a great idea to record serial numbers or engrave items with a phone number or licence number.

There’s also been a recent increase in the theft of number plates from cars around the area.

To assist local residents, we have anti-theft number plate screws to give to residents of the Southbank area.

They are free and can be collected from the Southbank Police Station, no special tools are required to fit them.

Hopefully if everyone can remember to lock their vehicles and storage cages, attend the Southbank Police Station and grab some number plate screws, we can help reduce crime in and around the Southbank area.   

Southbank Police Station is located at 66 Moray St, Southbank •

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