Reckless riders targeted in e-scooter crackdown in Southbank and the CBD

Reckless riders targeted in e-scooter crackdown in Southbank and the CBD
Snr Sgt Alex OToole

E-scooter riders have been held to account, with Victoria Police issuing almost 300 infringements to those caught flouting the rules during recent blitzes across Melbourne throughout May.

Melbourne East Local Area Commander Inspector Dale Huntington highlighted that State Highway Patrol officers, Transit Safety Division and local police teamed up to conduct proactive patrols in the CBD and Southbank and stop e-scooter riders putting others at risk.

A majority of the infringements issued were for e-scooter riders failing to wear an approved bicycle helmet, which carries a penalty of $240. 

Many e-scooter riders were also caught using the footpath to get around, which is extremely dangerous and prohibited, carrying a penalty of $192.

There were also infringements issued to e-scooter riders for failing to obey a red traffic light, carrying more than one person, and using an unregistered vehicle.

E-scooter riders who exceed 0.05 blood alcohol level or are caught riding under the influence of drugs are liable for the same drink and drug driving penalties as all other motorists.

Police are urging all riders to ensure they understand and comply with the e-scooter trial rules, including not riding on the footpath, always wearing a helmet, not using a mobile phone while riding, only one person riding on the e-scooter, only riding if you are over 16 years old, and not exceeding the maximum speed limit of 20km/h.

Operations targeting e-scooter non-compliance will continue to be a focus for police over the coming months to improve safety for all Melbourne and Southbank residents and workers.

More information on the e-scooter rules can be found here •


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