Red stair to go!

It might sadden some locals to know that Southbank’s signature red stair at Queensbridge Square will be removed.

However, one might also suspect that its removal will also be the cause of celebration for many! The controversial landmark has divided opinion since its construction in 2005.  

While Southbank’s answer to the great landmarks of the world such as Paris’s Eiffel Tower and New York’s Statue of Liberty is widely recognised, it’s often been for the wrong reasons!

The City of Melbourne’s director of city design and projects Prof. Rob Adams revealed the news at last month’s Yarra River Business Association (YRBA) luncheon, confirming its removal as part of the future redevelopment of Queensbridge Square.

“Will the red stair go? Yes,” he said. “I had one of the dubious privileges of designing the red stair and it was really there just to hide the entrance into the casino.”

“Part of the proposal to redo Queensbridge Square will be to put a facility over that and that could be a cafe or something that will help activate that space for 24 hours rather than just something you walk past.”

Loss of an icon or overdue demolition of an eyesore? Send your ideas of what should replace the red stair to [email protected]

When the circus came to Southbank

When the circus came to Southbank

July 6th, 2022 - Robin Grow
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