Southbank Police Station introduces neighbourhood policing

Southbank Police Station introduces neighbourhood policing
Snr Sgt Alex OToole

“I want each of our officers to be proactively engaged with the community and encourage the community to work with them, so we can enhance trust and confidence in the work police do,” – Chief Commissioner Shane Patton – March 2022.

Neighbourhood Policing is a new model of community policing and engagement to increase Victoria Police’s focus on the issues that matter most to the community and improve safety at local level.

It supports the range of community engagement that occurs every day across the state with a clear purpose, structure and consistent processes to ensure prevention of crime and handling of issues the community cares about are key objectives for all police. To achieve these objectives Southbank Police needs to:

  • Listen to the community
  • Understand and act on community safety concerns
  • Work in partnership with community and other organisations to address local safety issues
  • Communicate the outcomes and action taken.

The great news is that neighbourhood policing is up and running! Sergeant Dinah Tremain will be taking on the role full-time as the co-ordinator and will be assisted by Senior Constable Jake Jones.

Both officers work out of Melbourne East Police Station which along with Southbank Police Station make up the Melbourne East Police Service Area (PSA). Senior Constable Jones has been out and about to get the neighbourhood engagement started for the time being.

With the help of all members of our PSA, Southbank and Melbourne East police will be intently listening to the concerns and needs of our community members and delivering a response aimed at increasing community safety and involvement with police.

Since taking over as officer-in-charge at Southbank Police Station I have been the chair of the Southbank Safety and Security Committee. This committee was formed in 2013 and has given Southbank Police an opportunity to engage and liaise with Southbank’s businesses and residents.

Would you like to be involved?

Please feel free to contact the Neighbourhood Policing Coordinator Sergeant Dinah Tremain via email: [email protected]

As always, if you have any Southbank issues, please contact Senior Sergeant Jay McDONALD and I •

For more information, email: [email protected]

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