What a bumper of a month

What a bumper of a month
Tony Penna

We started the month with the Southbank Residents’ Association (SRA) AGM where we were so fortunate to have elected a full committee of 12 with 10 being new members.

Since that time, we have managed to squeeze in two committee meetings. We have an enthusiastic and motivated team for the coming year and we are hoping to be able to make a noticeable difference around Southbank as we come out of lockdown.

Owing to so much interest from within the community to join the SRA committee, a number of our previous committee members volunteered to stand down to allow for other locals to become involved.

I would like to personally extend a heartfelt thank you to Richard Drew, Clair Richards, Renee Russell, Mike Gaertner, Jennifer Fletcher and Laszlo Kucharszki for the past two years with which they volunteered their time to SRA.

Despite COVID we were still able to meet, albeit often virtually, and achieve great things for Southbank.

During their two terms the standout items were the planning for the Southbank Community Day, which sadly had to be postponed (hoping to revitalise the concept sometime early 2022), a “Meet the Candidates” council election event, our most successful event ever held by SRA – the Southbank “Where to from here ...” community forum and the final compilation and the launch of the Tall Storeys and True Tales – The First 20 Years of the Southbank Residents’ Association book which was researched and compiled by ex-committee member Lynne Lumsden (copies available for $15).

There is a lot there to be proud of with knowing you have contributed to making Southbank a better place to live.

On behalf of the entire Southbank community, we thank you!

You will see our new committee has hit the ground running with the gratitude writing competition promoted on page 2.

This is an initiative of Mary Kay Rauma who volunteered to take on the role of marketing and communication.

We hope you will embrace this initiative and share a small titbit from Southbank of something which helped or inspired you to get through this pandemic to date.

We would love to hear about it and so might the rest of Southbank! Ten of the best entries will be awarded a $50 Visa cash card so don’t delay and let us know one of your little noteworthy experiences.

We were also busy preparing a submission for the Owner’s Corporation and Other Acts Amendments Act 2021 to be introduced on December 1.

There were a number of key deficiencies identified and hopefully our submission will go some way to assist with the review.

We completed this on behalf of the Southbank Owners’ Corporations Network (SOCN) which is convened by SRA.

Is your building a member? If you are an owner in your building, particularly if you are on the OC committee, you should check if you are a member.

If not, please reach out to myself as this is one group all Southbank buildings need to be part of.

Your building also needs to be part of the bi-monthly conversation held with all the other building members.

For the month of October, we have arranged a Department of Health senior policy advisor and senior health advisor as guest speakers to discuss with our members what to expect if (or probably when) a building becomes an exposure site.

This will offer a valuable insight with knowing what to do now to plan and prepare for such an event.

Remember, if your building is not a member, please reach out to me and I will see what can be arranged. If individually you are not a member of SRA and would like to support our community work, it is only $10/year and you can sign up from our website, or email to [email protected]. You might also like to follow us on Facebook  •

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