SOUTHBANK3006 – focusing on our community 

SOUTHBANK3006 – focusing on our community 

Jannine Pattison

The past 90 days has passed as a bit of a blur for the hard-working committee members of Southbank3006. Having only just launched in February 2022, we have been overwhelmed with the sheer number of our neighbours who have already become members.

Your committee at Southbank3006 has been so happy to hear from all of you which has enabled us to focus on how we can support the needs of the community.

And here are some of the activities that we have been focusing on …

  • We facilitated a meeting with officers from the City of Melbourne and members of the community, including the group Small Dogs of Southbank about the defects that needed urgent attention at the new Moray St Dog Park. We were so happy that this prompted the council to take immediate action to identify these defects – some of which have been addressed, others have temporary measures in place until more permanent solutions are implemented.
  • Southbank 3006 is also busy engaging with the architects, planners and developers of the new Arts Precinct upgrades, which we know is significant to our members as it will greatly affect the quality of life for many residents both during and post construction.
  • We have continued our commitment to traffic safety and management and have been in frequent conversations with the Department of Transport regarding the upgrade to the City Rd and Power St intersections, as well as raising concerns regarding the Kavanagh and Power streets intersection and the need for a pedestrian crossing across Balston St to Boyd Park.
  • Some of our committee members presented, in person, a submission to the inaugural neighbourhood-held Future Melbourne Committee meeting in Carlton.
  • In March, we ran our first community meet-and-greet where we were honoured to meet some incredible humans who call Southbank home. There was a fabulous exchange of ideas, and it was great to hear that Southbank3006 is filling a need in the community that was somewhat missing.
  • To ensure we were providing the community with an opportunity to hear from the federal candidates we ran a Meet the Candidates event. The highly spirited candidates answered hard questions posed by our community and the event was moderated by former Port Phillip Mayor Bernadene Voss. In fact, it even made international headlines in The Guardian, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, and many more social and print media pages. If you missed out, you can find the live stream on our Facebook page @southbankers3006
  • In April, Ash Lee – Southbank’s own City of Melbourne neighbourhood partner – held the Southbank Community Builders Workshop. Southbank3006 attended multiple sessions to contribute and further understand how we can support the community. The collective consensus was that Southbank lacks a central hub for human connection.
  • We have collated information that, whether you’re an owner or renter, will assist locals understand the role of owners’ corporations (OCs). These resources are now available on our website

We are so delighted that after only three months Southbank3006 already has 200-plus members and great relationships with the City of Melbourne and relevant state government departments.

And we are delighted to confirm that Southbank3006 is committed to hosting monthly events for our members to hear from great speakers and to connect with each other. These events will be held on the last Sunday of each month.

Each meeting will have a theme which will come from you, our members. Our next meeting is on Sunday, May 29 at the Assembly Hall at Boyd Community Hub and will focus on safety and security in our neighbourhood, including how to tackle anti-social behaviour. We will have a guest speak who will be announced on our Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you at our monthly events. Thank you to Southbank News for supporting our endeavours and please become a member and join us! You can do this either on our Facebook page or via our website •

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