Southbank’s littlest guard dog

Southbank’s littlest guard dog
Kaylah Joelle Baker

Bella may be tiny, but her attitude sure isn’t.

While often seen walking around Southbank, Bella’s owner Kevin said she is known for having “a bit of an attitude”.

As a six-year-old Jack Russell cross, Bella has her favourite people and animals, and treats them with the utmost care.

But as for other animals that are not her sister Tali, she tends to steer clear.

“She is very loving to anyone in the family, and is good with other people, but with other dogs she has a little bit of an attitude,” Kevin said.


She is a very good guard dog because you always know if someone is walking by.


As well as having a good relationship with Tali, who is also a Jack Russell, Bella loves to dote on the family’s rescue cat.

“We have a rescue cat, and they get along really well,” Kevin said. •

“They kiss and just hang out.”

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