Southbank’s littlest new explorer

Southbank’s littlest new explorer
Kaylah Joelle Baker

Bella is an adorable tiny French bulldog.

She is only two months old, and already out exploring the wide and busy suburb of Southbank for the first time with her owner Callum.

While new to this specific area, Bella is a big fan of exercising, so much so that her fur has been in the process of changing colour a little due to being outside in the sunshine so often.

“She has a light brown tinge now, and I think it’s because she has been out in the sun exercising every day,” Callum said.

As a typical Frenchie, Bella is the perfect mix of “chilled and crazy at the same time”, making life all the more interesting for Callum.

While super playful, Bella is also very careful to never hurt anyone during one of her energetic zoomies.

And when not racing around or walking with Callum, she can be seen cuddling up to her favourite fluffy toys, including a plush McDonald’s drink and burger toy. •

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