Supporting the rights of renters

Supporting the rights of renters

We are delivering a targeted campaign across Victoria to ensure renters know their rights and rental providers know their legal obligations. 

Every Victorian renter has the right to live in a safe and secure home – that is why we introduced the minimum standards back in 2021 and it is why we established the renting taskforce to crack down on rental law breaches.

Our new renting taskforce will be scaling up operations throughout the year to crack down on offences such as renting out properties that do not meet the minimum standards – but in the meantime this campaign will ensure everyone interacting with our rental market is aware of their rights and obligations.

A state-wide campaign has begun, giving easy-to-understand information to Victorian rental providers about their obligations to deliver a safer and secure home, and to renters about their rights while renting.

Rental properties in Victoria must meet minimum safety and quality standards and include things that people would reasonably expect of a home – like a functional kitchen, lockable external doors, and being structurally sound and weatherproof.

We will not tolerate wrongdoing, but we also know most people want to do the right thing. This campaign will support rental providers and agents to know what they need to do to ensure their rental property meets the legal requirements.

Letting a new renter move into a rental property that doesn’t meet these standards is a criminal offence, with maximum penalties of more than $11,000 for individuals and $57,000 for companies.

There has been an increase in reports of poorly maintained rentals with repairs and maintenance in the top five issues that people contacted Consumer Affairs Victoria about last financial year.

The Labor Government recently announced a dedicated renting taskforce, backed by a $4 million investment, to crack down on offences like renting out properties that don’t meet the minimum standards.

The renting taskforce builds on work being done through the Labor Government’s Housing Statement, including banning all types of rental bidding, restricting rent increases between successive fixed-term rental agreements, and extending the notice of rent increase and notice to vacate periods to 90 days.

We’re also establishing Rental Dispute Resolution Victoria and delivering a Rental Stress Support Package to support tenants doing it tough.

Find more information on the minimum standards for rental properties. •


Photo: Denise Jans.

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