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Kaylah Joelle Baker

Jaime-Kanan McPherson is freshly back from a fashion-crazed week spent taking snaps at Paris Fashion Week’s Haute Couture, and it has only left her more inspired.

Initially drawn to fine arts and commercial photography when starting her studies at Photography Studies College (PSC), the fashion week workshop left Jaime-Kanan eager to step into the realm of fashion. 

“I have gained a strong passion for fashion photography ever since going to the Paris workshop. I just really enjoyed it,” Jaime-Kanan said.  

“The workshop is hosted twice a year for [PSC] students and you learn about photographing celebrities, well-known people and anyone who stands out and has a really nice and arty street style.” 

Growing up holding a camera and taking photos everywhere she went, Jaime-Kanan said her interest only continued to grow in high school. 

The past two years in the pandemic also really encouraged her to get back into photography and make it more than a hobby. 

“I couldn’t go out and do as much, but I could still do photography,” Jaime-Kanan said.  

“I was doing a diploma during COVID and I saw PSC and they were only after skills not an ATAR score, and it made me confident that my talent mattered more than anything else. 


“I feel my skills as a photographer have also improved a lot since the start of the year and I am just learning so much more with different types of photography as well.” 


Being able to finally rely on talent and passion alone, Jaime-Kanan said her first year as a PSC student has been “really enjoyable”. 

In addition to learning more skills in fashion photography, Jaime-Kanan has been able to produce a documentary series she is really proud of. 

The project focused on navigating life with an “invisible illness”, something she felt inspired to do after personally witnessing its impact in her family. 

Now with a couple more years ahead in the course, she is already dreaming of pursuing photography internationally, with plans for the journey to begin in Japan sooner rather than later. •


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