The emerging photographers of PSC showcase their final projects

Kaylah Joelle Baker

As the end of the year approaches, the time to bid farewell to studying at the Photography Studies College has come for many students, but not before they celebrate their efforts with a graduate exhibition. 

PSC’s 2022 graduate exhibition, Morii: The Next Generation of Photography, is a highly anticipated event for the third years at the college, and a time to showcase their final projects. 

Held in Fitzroy at the Centre for Contemporary Photography, 30 students’ works lined the walls upon its launch on Saturday, November 5, and will be in place until November 13.

All differing in their approach and “desire to capture a fleeting moment”, as the title of the exhibit alludes to, the students’ works offer a glimpse into the minds of emerging photographers. 

“There’s a value in audiences getting a fresh and new insight into contemporary photography through students exhibiting in the space,” PSC lecturer and practicing artist Gemma Rose-Turnbull said. 

Graduating PSC student Blake Dearman also noted the importance of this exhibit in giving students a platform. 


“It’s a really good opportunity to see what emerging photographers are thinking about and what they are trying to do,” he said. 


“In one respect, we all really look up to more established artists, but we [students] also have things we want to do and try, and we hope that might be something other people will be interested in seeing.”

As well as producing the work to go within the gallery and helping to set up the exhibition in the days prior, students were also in control of fundraising enough money for it to go ahead. 

After holding a successful fundraising auction, with donated works from local artists and photographers, and being sponsored and supported by Avalon Airport, students were able to spend the last couple months knowing the event was a go-ahead. 

It’s something Mr Dearman said “feels really good”, as he spent time in the gallery prior, setting up his “abstract” work of prints and a video with a sound piece attached, all of which involved the use of a range of different technologies from photography to artificial intelligence. 

While all the students spent their last year working on their final projects, they were divided into three streams of fine art, commercial and documentary. 

Some students used the streams as a chance to explore a multitude of practices and topics, and other students like Emma Stapleton have had their hearts set on one particular area for a while. 

“There is just so much variety in the graduate year. I am majoring in commercial, but I am doing birth photography, which is probably inspired a lot by my mum who is a midwife,” Ms Stapleton said. 


As graduates of 2022, many of the students started the course during lockdown, and after being restricted with when and how they could exhibit their work, the opportunity to have their work displayed has not gone unappreciated.


“It’s an incredibly important event. The time and effort we have put into this course, and even the grad show, everyone has worked so hard so their work can be as good as it can be,” Ms Stapleton said. 

“We are just so excited to show everyone and have all our family come down. Some families from overseas are also coming. So, it’s pretty exciting and a big deal for all of us.”

The Centre for Contemporary Photography is located at 404 George St, Fitzroy, and the exhibit will be open from 11am to 5pm until November 13. •

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