The end of embedded networks – a false promise?

The end of embedded networks – a false promise?
Tony Penna

During the past month the Premier Daniel Andrews announced an end to embedded networks beginning January 2023. You may recall, this is an issue that Southbank Residents’ Association (SRA) lobbied the government on more than four years ago.

Many of our members, and the broader Southbank community, complained about being locked into energy deals, depriving them of choice, and, in many cases, at a higher market price than what could be sourced elsewhere.

Before the last state election, this was an election promise of the Andrews government. While it is comforting to know that finally, after almost four years, this promise has been delivered, it is far from adequate for nearly all our Southbank residents as it only applies to new high-rise developments. So, we as a community have been delivered a false promise.

At a time when inflation is biting, coupled with higher energy prices, we are all doing it tough. Existing apartment residents shouldn’t have been deprived of market choice but allowed the same freedoms as every other Victorian resident.

SRA will continue to lobby the government on this issue, especially with an election looming. But we are certainly disappointed that we were short-changed from the Premier’s last election promise.

SRA will be holding it’s AGM next month with the date, venue and guest speaker/s announced in the September edition. Our AGM is an opportunity for any interested members to join our committee.

We welcome any interested community members to reach out and express interest, whatever skillset you may bring, or even if you would like the opportunity to hone a new skill. In the past, students have been interested as it is a great skill to have on their CV.

We know we will certainly be looking for volunteers for treasurer, secretary, marketing, social media and membership roles. If you have any interest, please send us an email.•

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