The excitable German Shepherd embracing Southbank

The excitable German Shepherd embracing Southbank
Kaylah Joelle Baker

As Lulu and Hayden’s dream dog for years, Sherlock couldn’t be a more appreciated seven-month-old German Shepherd puppy.

From a “strong working blood line”, with a father who works as a narcotics detector and patrol dog, Sherlock has the same strong drive and intelligence.

Although, due to being a ball of energy, he does require a lot of training.

“He goes to training school three times a week,” Lulu said.

“He behaves very well in the apartment though because I give him enough physical and mental stimulation throughout the day.”

Thanks to having a parent working from home, Sherlock is not a lonely dog.

The community they live in is also one Lulu said is “very friendly” when it comes to socialising and making friends with other dogs.

“This is a great area to socialise puppies with people and traffic, and there are gardens only 15 minutes drive away where dogs can run free,” she said.


As a very social dog, Lulu and Hayden said Sherlock is currently in the process of “learning his boundaries with other small dogs.” A task in itself considering he loves playing with every single dog he comes across.


When Sherlock can’t be found making friends at all the local parks and gardens, the loveable pup can be found running and hiking, with a guaranteed smile in tow. •

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