Two new train stations for Southbank

Two new train stations for Southbank

*This article was published 10 years ago

The state government has announced two new underground train stations to service Southbank as part of its 2014-15 State Budget.

The new train line will go underground at Southern Cross Station, travel under the Yarra River near South Wharf, and eventually emerge at South Yarra. It includes two new stations, called Montague and Domain.

Montague Station will be on the border of Southbank and new suburb Fishermans Bend, while Domain Station will be underneath the Domain interchange on St Kilda Rd. The two new stations will also have tram interchanges.

The Melbourne Rail Link project also includes a train link to the airport. This plan replaces the Melbourne Metro Plan, which had four new stations, including one at Domain. But before we get too excited at the estimated $8.5-$11 billion investment, just $40 million (less than 0.5 per cent) is committed to the 2014-15 Budget.

Funnily enough, there’s an election before the other 99.5 per cent of the money on the project will be spent.

Construction is due to begin in mid-2017.

Premier Denis Napthine said the tunnel would accommodate for the growth in the area. “This is about the future. It is about building a better Victoria by ensuring we provide the services Victorians will need as our population grows,” Dr Napthine explained.

“The Melbourne Rail Link will support the growing office and residential precinct in the west of the CBD and will further develop Southern Cross as a transport hub,” he added.

“The Melbourne Rail Link will help ensure Melbourne’s position as one of the world’s most liveable cities.”

Public Transport Minister Terry Mulder said: “The 2014-15 Victorian State Budget will transform Victoria’s public transport network by building a better Victoria through major new job-creating infrastructure.” 

He also explained that the Melbourne Rail Link would reduce delays, improve reliability and boost capacity across the network.

“The Melbourne Rail Link will be the biggest investment ever in our metropolitan rail network,” Mr Mulder said.

Planning Minister Matthew Guy said it was vital to have a train station in place for Fishermans Bend. •

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