Two to a scooter

Two to a scooter
Rhonda Dredge

There are a few things a Southbanker needs to make an impression on the promenade – a dog, a scooter and a view.

Grant Richards has all three plus an insider’s knowledge of the built form that gives him tower cred.

Toby the Pomeranian travels with Grant in a pouch so he attracts most of the attention.

But behind the scenes, his “dad” scores a few points as well with his office in the clouds.

Grant works as a crane driver and his view on the world has been captured in video from Australia’s tallest building, Australia 108, while under construction.

“It’s a good office,” he said, of his high-flying perch. “It’s different. It’s close to the clouds.”

Australia 108 took five years to build and while he was working on it, Grant moved into the suburb he was building.

It’s his day off and he has just come back from the CBD, crossing the river on the historic Queens Bridge.

Toby is enjoying the ride and responds well to strangers who can’t resist a pat.

Like many dogs in Southbank, Toby is not that keen on the dog park and has his own way of letting off steam.

“He chases the birds at Crown. They should pay him,” Grant said. “He also chases rats and doesn’t like swans.”

Grant lives on the 20th floor of the Shadow Play hotel on the corner of City Rd and Clarendon St.

“The fireworks aren’t bad,” he said. “It’s handy to the footy. I’ve been there five years, and everyone knows Toby.”

Grant is now working on a building in A’Beckett St in the CBD and he films the sunrises from his perch, posting the video on Instragram to show his vision of the city as it grows.

After they spoke to Southbank News, Grant and Toby went for a spin along Southbank Promenade.

They make a fine couple, two to a scooter without breaking the law. •

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