Unleash your creativity at ACCA’s Family Art Day

Unleash your creativity at ACCA’s Family Art Day

This July, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) will host a Family Art Day packed with creativity and fun.

This exciting event on July 11 offers a unique opportunity for families to engage in art inspired by ACCA’s current exhibitions.

Suitable for almost all ages, the event is geared towards children ideally aged between three and 10 years old and accompanied by a guardian, who will all have the opportunity to create their own artwork.

All activities are designed to be easy for both children and adults to enjoy.

Participants will find inspiration from the thought-provoking works on display as part of ACCA’s new exhibition Future Remains: The 2024 Macfarlane Commissions and are encouraged to express their interpretations of it through their own art.

Opening on June 29, Future Remains is the fourth edition of the multi-year collaborative program, which aims to support ambitious new projects by emerging to mid-range artists.

In different ways, seven artists recycle, redisplay, and reframe specific material, cultural, or ideological heritage in an effort not only to better understand the past, but also to open new possibilities for our present and future world.

One of the highlights of ACCA’s Family Art Day is the opportunity to “showcase” your work – an aspect that has been particularly appreciated by past participants.

As one parent said, “Alice (eight-year-old daughter) enjoyed the activity after the show. She creates works that echo the content of the exhibition.”

The event fosters a sense of community, bringing families from different backgrounds together to share their creative experiences. As another participant put it, “I love everything, inspiration, art, people, and a low-waste, low-impact approach.”

Don’t miss out on ACCA’s rich family experience. Mark July 11 in your calendar and get ready to explore, create and connect. •

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