We love getting on our bike

It seems professionals are not the only cyclists enjoying a ride along Southbank, as the Queensbridge bike share station is one of the most popular in Melbourne.

The Melbourne Bike Share Scheme experienced high usage during December, with December 29 breaking the record for most trips during a single day.

The station at Federation Square experienced the highest use, with Queensbridge Square the second most used.

Public Transport Minister Terry Mulder said the signs were very positive that the Bike Share Scheme was on the rise.

“This increase highlights the importance of the scheme to the general public. We have a great opportunity here to promote cycling as a viable and sustainable transport alternative,” Mr Mulder explained.

“These results really show us, that we are still learning about what Melburnians and tourists really want out of the Melbourne Bike Share, and how small changes can make it successful and meet the needs of all users,” he added.

When the circus came to Southbank

When the circus came to Southbank

July 6th, 2022 - Robin Grow
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