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Health and Wellbeing

09 Jun 2016

Many people seem to go through phases of motivation and subsequent periods of regular exercise but cannot seem to make it a life-long habit.

How many people do you know that join a gym, last a few weeks and drop off? Perhaps you are one of these people? A major reason that people go through these cycles is that they have rather shallow reasons for getting started. For example, “I want to look good for my wedding”, or “I need to look great in my bikini for summer”.

Whilst these are goals, they are not bigger picture goals and so when all is said and done, the majority of such people revert back to inactivity and/or poor eating habits. What I urge you to do is to actually drill down hard on your “why” when it comes to exercise and eating and try and find the real reason that you feel the need to get healthy.

This will help you find the focus that you are looking for and allow you to work towards this. For me, my “why” is to feel fit and energised to be active with my kids, maximise the way I feel about myself on a daily basis and to be able to train and play football weekly. Weight is not a major factor and I know that muscle weighs more than fat and the number (kgs) has no relation to the aforementioned “why” for me.

I urge you to find your “why?” and then continually remind yourself that this is what you are working toward. This will give you a consistent approach and longer-term focus.

See a dietitian or nutritionist

A lot of people when wanting to make a change because they are unhappy with their current weight, fitness level, diet or how they fit and feel in their clothes often turn to a “quick-fix” and decide to turn to a current diet trend (paleo, LCHF, etc), suddenly cut out all carbs or eliminate sugar.

Some turn to unhelpful and unsustainable supplements but most of these methods involve restriction and/or elimination of food types and groups. They are a negative and unsustainable way of life.

What I would suggest is to go and see a qualified and reputable dietitian or nutritionist (not health coach or anyone that includes supplements for their own financial gain in their advice or eating plan) for one to three sessions and have scientific and practical advice, education and guidance that is specific to you and your goals.

Add a positive to your daily routine

One positive way to help make a habit and set you up for continual and habitual change is to try and identify something little that will benefit you longer-term and pick just one positive that you can add to your daily life.

A couple of examples of this would be to (if you don’t already) eat an apple a day for one month? Perhaps go for a 5-10 minute walk EVERY day for a month.

They may seem little or insignificant but over time the challenge should inspire you for more! You may do both which may then spin off to a 20-minute daily walk and a banana as well as the apple. Add a positive to your daily routine!

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