Pram-powered princess Sophia

By Alex Dalziel The nine-year-old cavoodle Sophia is being pushed along in a pram after a big exercise. Her owners, Nicole and Cassidy, take Sophia into the city once a week and go into the botanical gardens. She can’t walk for too long, and so her owners put her in the pram when she starts to give up. Sophia is a little dog, and wearing her pink doggy jacket with the canopy of the pram pulled over, you could mistake her for a baby. “She’s a princess,” Nicole said. “She demands to be treated like a princess. She’s very lovable and she loves attention.” This is true, Sophia is a very friendly dog and will lick and play with your hand when you go for a pat. However, when a camera is pulled out the old girl gets shy and refuses to sit still. Such is the life of a diva hounded by paparazzi!

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