The future of events

Sean Car

The best skills are experienced, not simply learned. And, in the evolution of a person’s career, the right skills remain significant.

Like most industries, the events field is organic – always developing and growing. Therefore, the need to up-skill is important, particularly in today’s competitive professional landscape.

To meet this trend, Holmesglen has designed a professional program, the SIT50316 Diploma of Event Management, which gives mature-aged students the chance to add to his or her business qualifications.

Offered at Southbank’s city campus, the course uses a blend of face-to-face activities and online study that are suited to workers organising business events in the corporate, small business, non-profit and government sectors.

Lynda Olsen (pictured) used the program to complement and strengthen her 14 years of events planning experience in the healthcare and financial industries.

The decision to return to study was influenced by the current state of the workforce, and a personal desire to add to her skills.

“While experience and on-the-job training cannot be underestimated, it became clear that, particularly in the corporate world, the best employers are looking for event professionals with formal qualifications as well as experience,” Ms Olsen said.

The chance to formalise her previous training provided her with new opportunities, while also reinforcing her knowledge base.

“The course content not only confirmed that many of my working practices were at an industry standard but (it also) offered the tools to take my processes to the next level,” she said. “For example, analysis of return on investment, as well as an increased knowledge of risk assessment processes, have immediately improved my standard of event delivery.”

Applications are now open with classes starting on April 9. For further details, please call 9564 1699 or visit

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