There’s so much on offer to get active in Southbank!

There’s so much on offer to get active in Southbank!
Justin Moran

Living in Southbank offers so many fantastic options for you to get active and keep active! Not only are there many fantastic walking and running tracks (including the ever-popular Tan) but you also have some great bike paths starting right at your doorstep.

If you are looking for more than that then here are a few structured ways that may suit you and your level.

Gyms and fitness facilities

Southbank is home to so many gyms and fitness facilities right on your doorstep! F45 Training has been running for many years now and is located on Power St. It is essentially a 45-minute dynamic and functional form of group fitness training. More tailored for the 20-40 age group, this may be your style. Body Fit Training has largely followed on the heels of F45 but offers 50-minute classes “that use science and technology to drive positive outcomes”. You have the option of SNAP Fitness, which is a 24-hour, seven days a week gym located on Queensbridge St. There are also so many Pilates and yoga options locally too! All of these options are available and will have staff available to guide you through their options and many offer free trial sessions, so why not give them a go and see if it works for you!

Residential apartment gyms

As a mobile personal trainer who frequents many residential apartment gyms in and around Southbank, it is clear to see that so many of you have access to a FREE resource (albeit included in body corporate fees). The quality of residential gyms provided is continually improving too, so why not use and incorporate them into your exercise routine. I know first-hand that many residents baulk at the cost of a weekly gym membership and instead have a personal trainer specifically devise a suitable exercise program for their particular needs and goals utilising their apartment gym, or have a personal trainer visit them weekly or fortnightly to keep them on track.

The Boyd Community Hub

Have you ever visited the Boyd Community Hub? Located at 207 City Rd, this hub of activity offers way more than just a library, creative space, maternal and child health services and a fantastic café (House of Cards). It is home to many free and/or inexpensive fitness options. Some of these include our very own FREE Just In Time Personal Training “more than just a walking group” held every Wednesday morning from 9.30am to 10.30am, which has now been going strong for more than seven years! There are also other offerings such as yoga and, with COVID easing, we hope to see many more offerings returning in the coming months – so get down there and check it out for yourself!

Just remember that with any choice of activity that you make, please be careful to choose an activity and/or provider that is going to work for you. Ensure that any trainer, instructor or coach has your best interests at heart and not their own. Insist on checking their qualifications, experience and research their reviews. Remember that is it your body and injury is going to hinder your efforts to get more active, so choose wisely!

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