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Health and Wellbeing

14 May 2015

Most magazines, writers, fitness instructors and personal trainers work from the top down, and use “ideal world” ideology and that is, to get results you need to join a gym (preferably get a personal trainer) and exercise three to four times a week for 30 to 45 minutes.

Whilst that is all well and good and may also be the ideal end result, I hope to guide you through behavior change to get to that ultimate scenario.

Put simply, 20 per cent of the community is active and generally only five to ten per cent of the entire population attend gyms. What happens to the 80 to 95 per cent that do neither?

This regular column will focus on giving you strategies and teaching you skills to evolve behavior change from the very raw and simple level.

Simply buy yourself a 12 month calendar and make a note over the next week to do just five minutes a day of either walking, exercise biking, jogging, cross-training, swimming, bike riding or any other form of relevant exercise for your situation.

Simply give yourself a tick on the days that you achieve a minimum of five minutes (or whatever you have set as your minimum).

Then on the days that you didn’t achieve your selected minimum, place an X. On a weekly and monthly basis add up your ticks and if you get seven out of seven and 30 out of 30 then score yourself 100 per cent.

The closer your figure is to 100 per cent, the more successful your behavior change is and you have done it all on your own for the cost of less than $15 for your calendar and without the need of a personal trainer.

What you are doing is setting yourself up for success! If you cannot manage five minutes of exercise a day for seven days then what hope have you got of achieving an “ideal world” of three to four times a week for 30 to 45 minutes? Very little and definitely not long-term.

If you do succeed and can achieve five minutes of exercise for seven days a week then it is scalable and you can use this as a template and accountability tool to evolve.

This way you are well on your way to achieving successful behavior change. You have set up some accountability and you can become your own personal trainer, tailoring your program 100 per cent to you, your goals and in a way that works for you.

You must remember that your brain controls what your muscles and your body do, so it makes sense that you need to get your brain to change for your body, your fitness and your health to improve.

One last thing – it generally takes six months of repeated habit (hence the calendar) to achieve successful behavior change.

For a more information or if you have any questions feel free to contact me –

Justin Moran

Just In Time Personal Training

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