Join Southbank3006 for an evening with Lord Mayor Nicholas Reece

Join Southbank3006 for an evening with Lord Mayor Nicholas Reece

Southbank3006 will host new Lord Mayor Nicholas Reece as part of the “Making Southbank A Neighbourhood of Possibilities” event on August 1 at 6pm.

Cr Reece has taken over as our Lord Mayor following Sally Capp’s decision to stand down. We are entering a critical period as the council embarks upon the final months of its planning framework ahead of the next election. The existing plan has at its core, the creation of a “city of possibilities” – this plan was developed before COVID struck, derailing much of it. The original concept is as relevant today as ever and perhaps more so.

In today’s fast-paced world, it often feels like we’re bombarded with crises from every direction. Cost of living, climate change, mental health, aged care, political unrest, or global pandemics, the constant barrage of alarming headlines can leave us feeling overwhelmed and powerless. Victims of “click bait” fodder.

This “crisis fatigue,” erodes our sense of resilience and leaves us feeling disheartened. However, amid the chaos lies the opportunity for communities to come together, build resilience, and navigate turbulent times with strength and solidarity.


So how do we cultivate resilience when everything around us seems like a crisis?


Our goal should be to transform Southbank into a resilient neighbourhood of possibilities, where everyone can thrive, innovate, and contribute to a prosperous, inclusive community. On August, Southbank3006 will host an opportunity for the community to hear from and respond to Nick about his vision for City of Possibilities including:

  • Delivering public open spaces whether it is the ACCA Forecourt, Normanby Rd project or the undercroft.
  • Promoting sustainable living by finding achievable solutions for strata living whether waste management, renewable energy, and transport.
  • Embracing low traffic neighbourhoods and a traffic management plan for Southbank.
  • Pedestrian safety – balancing personal mobility, cars, and pedestrians.
  • Delivering the basics – garbage, graffiti, safety, roads and drains when the costs are rising, and the rates are capped.
  • Supporting local businesses and innovation to create the economy of the future. What resources are needed, can Council work to stimulate this locally?
  • Prioritising education and lifelong learning – unlocking the power of the major education and arts facilities in Southbank to engage with the Southbank community particularly for long term older residents. How can council assist?
  • Building strong community connections – strong community connections are vital for a resilient neighbourhood. The Council’s Neighbourhood model is providing the green shoots to stimulate that, but it cannot be a passive activity.  We all need to actively engage with it enabling its potential to bridge the service delivery gaps in our community and within the vertical villages in which we live. Taking the neighbourhood model to the next level and what that involves.
  • Promoting diversity, inclusivity, learning and understanding by experiencing the history and culture bringing our community alive. How can we make this happen?

Nick Reece, as Lord Mayor, is joining us on August 1 at 6pm at the Holiday Inn Southbank (35-47 City Rd) to meet and discuss how the council can deliver its goal of a City of Possibilities for another four years in Southbank.

Making Southbank a neighbourhood of possibilities requires vision, commitment, and collaboration by residents and the council. Come learn and let your voice be heard. •

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